Annual Scholar Symposium

Annual Scholar Symposium
Scholarship Recipients
Sunday, January 15, 2017
12:30 – 5:00 p.m.
Yolo County Library, Arthur F. Turner Branch
1212 Merkley Avenue,
West Sacramento, CA 95691

University of California Scholars will be presenting on their involvement in recent archaeological research.
Roshanne Shirley Bakhtiary – University of California, Davis graduate student. “Stable Isotope Evidence of Seasonal Shellfish Harvesting and Consumption in Prehistoric Central CA”. The summer of 2016 she directed a field school where an inland midden deposit in Santa Clara County (CA-SCL-330) was excavated. She used the scholarship award to conduct stable oxygen isotopic analyses of ancient shellfish collected from the site.
Amanda Dobrov – University of California, Berkeley student. “Roman Amphoras of North Africa: Markers of A Pan-Mediterranean Economy”. The summer of 2016 she was part of a team at the American Academy in Rome in connection with the Palatine East Pottery Project, (PEPP).
Sarah A. Hall – California State University, Chico graduate student. “Re-examining Stature Estimation Methods in a US Historic Cemetery: Skeletal Analysis of Remains at Valley Medical Center.” The summer of 2016 she studied adult skeletons from the Santa Clara Valley Medical Center Cemetery (SCVMCC) collection, housed at California State University, Chico.
Anna Khrustaleva – University of California Santa Barbara student. “Excavation in Lower Illinois River Valley: Investigations at the Audrey-North Site”. During the summer of 2016 she attended a six week excavation project under the direction of Dr. Grey Wilson, UCSB on Audrey-North Site, a lower Illinois Mississippian River Valley occupation site.
Jason Miszaniec – University of California, Davis, graduate student. “Exploratory Testing and Mapping of a Large Prehistoric Village, Shaktoolik , Alaska”.  During a two week field season in 2016 he collected organic samples for radiocarbon dating from the Difchahak (NOB-005) site at Shaktoolik, Norton Sound, Alaska. The funds that he received from Sacramento Archeological Society, Inc. were applied to the cost of radiocarbon dating of samples.
Jewell Cora Soriano – University of California Berkeley student. “After Reform: A Study of Land-Use Pattern Following Rapid Social Change in the Bolivian Altiplano”. The summer of 2016 she worked on an archaeological project in Bolivia. The Taraco Archaeological Project has been excavating the area since 1992 and during the 2016 summer began a targeted mapping project of key archaeological sites on the Taraco Peninsula.