Flintknapping Workshop on 5/2/15

Flintknapping Workshop

Saturday, May 2, 2015

2:00 to 5:00 p.m.

Roger & Lydia Peake’s

2951 Redwood Ave. West Sacramento, CA 95691

Dr. Susan Gleason

Archeologist, Phoenix Obsidian Designs

Experienced Lithic creator and instructor, Susan Gleason will teach Society members flint knapping techniques with obsidian.  This will be an opportunity to enjoy hands on time with obsidian.

Dr. Susan Gleason earned her doctorate in Anthropology from the University of California, Riverside in 2001. Her dissertation, “In search of the Intangible: Geophyte Use and Management Along the Upper Klamath River Canyon” reflects her research in topics on prehistoric technologies including flintknapping. Flintknapping is a process of making stone tools. Her research has also focused on ethnobotany or how people interact with plants. As an artist, she has developed unique arrowhead jewelry and created a line of educational materials.

Her business, Phoenix Obsidian Designs, produces tools to assist archaeologists and other educators to teach about prehistory. In addition to educational tools, the company produces museum quality replicas of archaeological artifacts for a variety of uses. Phoenix Obsidian Designs provides a line of supplies to support experiments in prehistoric technologies. Producing educational materials is the focus of her business.

Dr. Gleason has had a wide variety of field and laboratory experiences and as a consultant, contractor, and scientific illustrator. She has given numerous lectures and demonstrations with an emphasis on flintknapping and lithics. She is or has been a curator and collections manager. She has numerous publications and reports to her credit; and has presented a variety of papers on topics in archaeology and ethnobotany. And, she has been professionally recognized with a variety of honors and awards.

Reservations for this event are required so that Susan knows how many tools and how much material to bring. Please contact Roger and Lydia Peake at rapeake@att.net to reserve your flintknapping spot by Monday, April 27th.

Fees:  $10.00 cost of the workshop is the teaching cost and includes whatever take-home “points” that are made by participants. Each participant pays this cost.  A $30.00 cost includes the tools she provides for each participant’s use (e.g. leg protection etc.) AND the teaching cost. So, she is selling the tools used by each participant for $20.00. The “tools cost” is voluntary and would be paid by each participant who chooses to keep the tools.

Since we will be working with sharp objects, leather gloves, eye protection, and a heavy towel to protect legs and arms are a must.  Long pants and long sleeves are also necessary protection.

Bring your favorite dish for a pot luck dinner after the workshop.  Invite your friends to participate and join the society.  This is a member only event.  Questions?  Please contact Roger and Lydia Peake at rapeake@att.net