Student Scholarships

Sacramento Archeological Society, Inc.

is proud to recognize the outstanding achievements of aspiring archaeologists and anthropologists currently enrolled in an accredited educational institution through its annual scholarship program. The Sacramento Archeological Society, Inc. (SAS) is seeking applicants for one or more scholarships. The total funds available allow us to award multiple scholarships typically from $500 to $1000.

2013 scholars

2013 scholars


Scholarship Application Information

Scholarships will be considered in archaeology and related fields for undergraduate and graduate students. Examples for which scholarships may be awarded include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • participation in a field school
  • obsidian hydration dating
  • a special project
  • a special need for project related materials and/or equipment
  • tuition for a field school


  • Scholarship Application Form
  • Previous Experience Statement including a brief CV or Resumé.
  • “Why are you applying for this scholarship?” explanation
  • Description of your proposal
  • An itemized budget
  • One copy of your transcript(s)
  • Two letters of recommendation (These should be emailed separately from the rest of the application.)
  • Commitment to present at a Sacramento Archeological Society’s public forum in the Sacramento area in January or February of following year.

Evaluation Criteria

  1. Is the application complete?
  2. Does the proposal promote the training of archaeologists?
  3. Does the proposal support the collection and dissemination of archeological data?
  4. Does the proposal promote accessibility of archaeological data to the public?
  5. Is it likely that the project will be completed in 12 months?

 Scholarship Recipients

The Society is proud to recognize its scholarship recipients here and highlight the outstanding work each has done and plan to do.

Recent Society Scholars
School Attended
Field of Study
2005 Ryan T. Brady CSU Sacramento Masters thesis research: Prehistoric Wetland Settlement and Mobility Patterns in the Mono Basin
2005 Anna Valdez Sacramento City College Achill Archaeological Field School in Ireland
2006 Amanda Bauer Sacramento City College Czech American Archaeological Field School
2007 Charlotte Cooper Sunseri University of California Santa Cruz Masters thesis research on modeling Exchange in Central Californias Prehistoric Economy
2008 Samantha Emmanuel University of California, Berkeley Archaeological Field School in Mycenae, Greece
2008 Kalie Sacco University of California, Berkeley Archaeological Field School in Mycenae, Greece
2009 Samuel Crenshaw University of California, Berkeley Nemea and Mycenae Field School in Greece
2009 Benjamin Harris Sonoma State University Masters thesis research on public archaeology projects in San Francisco Bay Area and their relationship to CRM policy and practices.
2009 Sheel Jagani University of California, Berkeley Pestas House Field School in Mycenae Greece
2009 Monica Nolte San Francisco State University Masters thesis research at the Smithsonian on establishing a better method for inferring activity from human remains found in archaeological sites.
2010 Gary Alexander American River College Flint Knapping Workshop
2010 Allison Barden University of California, Berkeley Field School in Guam
2010 Brandon Li University of California, Berkeley Field School in Japan
2010 Preeta Melelu Sacramento City College Field School in Yucatan
2010 Naomi Scher Sonoma State University AMS radiocarbon dating for masters thesis: A Geoarcheaological Assessment of the Potential for Buried Archaeological Sites in the Vacaville Area of Solano County, California
2011 Veronica Lim University of California, Berkeley Field School in Nemea, Greece
2011 Patricia Roberts University of California, Berkeley Field School in Nemea, Greece
2011 Ellie Maniery University of Nevada Field School in Great Basin
2012 Stephanie Chan Stanford University Denver University Amache Research Project
2012 Alexandra Levin University of California, Berkeley Mono Mills Field School, California
2012 Rory Ondracek American River College Catalina Field School
2012 Jessica Tudor Sonoma State University Clear Lake Artifacts Dating
2012 Erin Valadez University of California, Santa Cruz Zamartze Field School, Spain
2013 Heather Benham California State University, Sacramento 76 Draw Site field school, Deming, New Mexico
2013 Cassandra Brainard California State University, Sacramento Paleo-Indian field school, Oklahoma
2013 Antonietta Catanzariti University of California, Berkeley Excavation of Kamid el-Loz, Lebanon
2013 Kyle Lee-Crossett Stanford University Catalhoyuk Research Project, Turkey
2013 Kyle Steven Rabellino Sonoma State University Obsidian sourcing, Fairfield Osborn Preserve, Sonoma County, CA (Withdrawn)
2013 Allison Wolfe University of California, Berkeley Zooarchaeology and Field Ecology Field School at Eagle Lake, CA
2014 Antonietta Catanzariti University of California, Berkeley Survey of archaeological sites in Qara Dagh Valley, Iraqi-Kurdistan
2014 Kasey Cole California State Chico Zooarchaeology & Field Ecology Field School at Eagle Lake, CA
2014 Jesica Jayd Lewis North Carolina State University Palatine East Potter Project at Rome, Italy & Najerilla Valley Research Project at Camprovin, Spain
2014 Heather Macinnes California State Chico Aditu Servicios Arquelologicos Mortuary Archaeology Field School
2014 Bonny O’Neill California State Chico Betty’s Hope Plantation Field School in Antigua
2014 Julia Prince California State Chico Stable isotope analysis of bone samples
2015 Allison Blair University of Nevada, Reno Spike Island Field School in Cobh, Ireland
2015 Derik Boyd California State University, Chico Analyzing patterns of trauma on human skeletal remains from post-Medieval communities in England
2015 Rachel Davies California State University, Sacramento Rimrock Draw Rockshelter Field School, Oregon
2015 Leah Hansard University of California, Davis Master-in-Training at Poggio Civitate Archaeological Project in Murlo, Greece
2015 Naomi Martisius University of California, Davis Analyze Neandertal Bones in France
2016 Roshanne Shirley Bakhtiary University of California, Davis Conduct stable oxygen isotopic analyses of ancient shellfish collected in Santa Clara County
2016 Amanda Dobrov University of California, Berkeley Analyze collection of African Amphora at American Academy in Rome from Palatine East Pottery Project.
2016 Samantha Dunham University of California, Davis Study Neandertals in Belgium at the site of Trou Al’Wesse
2016 Sarah A. Hall California State University, Chico Study adult skeletons from SCCVMC collection at Cal State University, Chico
2016 Anna Khrustaleva University of California, Santa Barbara Excavation at Audrey-North Site, a lower Illinois Mississippian River Valley occupation site
2016 Susan E. Lagle University of California, Davis Research of archaeological (Neandertal) assemblages in France
2016 Mallory Melton University of California, Santa Barbara Attend the Boston University’s Wood Identification Workshop
2016 Jason Miszaniec University of California, Davis Radiocarbon dating of samples from Difchahak site at Shaktoolik, Norton Sound, Alaska
2016 Jewell Cora Soriano University of California, Berkeley Mapping project at Taraco Peninsula, Bolivia
2017 Jennifer Black University of California, Berkeley Palatine East Pottery Project in Rome.
2017 Lucia Diaz University of California, Davis Field school in Sierra Nevada Mountains
2017 Erida Ebel California State University, Davis Field school in Alaska
2017 Guilia Gallo University of California, Davis Excavation in Serbia
2017 Patricia McNeill University of California, Davis Excavation in Germany
2017 Karlene Shippelhoute University of California, Berkeley/John Hopkins University Jezrell Valley Regional Project, Israel
2017 Kevin Smith University of California, Davis Research bows ad atlatls
2017 Sara Watson University of California, Davis Examine Nelson Bay Cave lithics at Chicago Field Museum