Texas Archaeological Tour starting on 10/11/2015

Texas Archaeological Tour of Pre-Clovis/Clovis/Paleoamerican sites starting on 11/11/2015 

Sunday, Oct. 11, 2015 to Sunday, Oct. 25, 2015

Starting at Austin, TX concluding at Houston,TX with variable ending points depending on your schedule

Archaeologist, Mike Collins, PhD, tour host


Sacramento Archeological Society is pleased to offer an extensive archaeological tour of 29 locations in Texas, including 19 Paleoindian sites (three Pre-Clovis sites, 10 Clovis sites and 6 Late Paleoindian sites).  These date from 15,500 to 500 B.P.

The tour is hosted by Mike Collins, PhD (Research Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology, Texas State University, San Marcos) and director of Gault School of Archeological Research (GSAR).

Sites planned to be visited include:  Gault, Friedkin, Wilson-Leonard, Spring Lake, Knibbe, Kincaid, Arenosa, Devils Mouth, Seminole, Eagle Nest, Bondfire, Big Lake, Midland, Shifting Sands, Lubbock Lake, Plainview, Black Water Draw, Horne, and McFaddin Beach.   Additionally, we will visit University Museum and Private Collections that came from these sites.

If you are interested in joining us for all of part of this tour, contact Dennis Fenwick at dennis.t.fenwick@msn.com  or 916-373-1465 (cell). For more information view our event flier.